Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. I've mostly used PHP, but throughout my career I've also worked in Javascript, Go, C#, Ruby and Python. I have DevOps experience with docker containerization, configuring both e2e and functional tests in GitLab CI and running code quality tools.

Warsaw, Poland
[email protected]

Piotr Stankowski

Software Engineer

Work experience

12.2021 - present Senior PHP developer (remote) 09.2019 - 11.2021 PHP developer (remote)
  • Developing and supporting e-commerce software for MLM companies (PHP, MySQL, Zend, Symfony, git).
  • Integrating with various providers (card payments, shipping, invoicing).
  • Developing REST API, maintaining CI pipeline (GitLab CI, docker).
10.2015 - 07.2019 Software Engineer - Backend
  • Developing and maintaining web services that power the GOG Galaxy platform.
  • Developing microservices with REST APIs (PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Redis, RabbitMQ, git, docker)
  • Developing high-performant microservices (Go, Node.js)
  • Occasionally developing frontend (bootstrap 3, SCSS, TypeScript, AngularJS).
  • Integrating with CDN providers (AWS S3, OpenStack Swift, Akamai)
03.2013 - 10.2015 PHP developer
  • Developing and supporting e-commerce software for MLM companies (PHP, MySQL, Zend, git).
  • Developing integration with ERP invoicing provider (C#, MS SQL).
09.2011 - 03.2013 C#/PHP freelance developer (remote) OMD Poland
  • Developing various rich web application for presentation of advertisement cost/effectiveness estimations - both backend (MS SQL, excel interop, svn, PHP or C#, MVC3) and frontend RIA (flash, AS 3.0, Adobe AIR, razor)
  • Basic server maintenance (Windows Server 2008 R2).
12.2010 - 09.2011 PHP developer
  • Developing and supporting e-commerce software for MLM companies (PHP, MySQL, Zend, svn).
  • Developing applications in Adobe AIR (jQuery).
06.2009 - 12.2010 PHP & JavaScript developer AltVision sp. z o.o.
  • Creating and maintaining ERP system for OCR and storage of invoice scans (JavaScript, ext.js, MySQL, PHP, tesseract) integrated into existing client infrastructure.
  • Developing various internal applications. with frontend in JavaScript and ext.js.


2008 - 2009 Resigned: University of Warsaw Information Technology 2005 - 2008 XIV LO in Warsaw Academic High School


Experience managing dependencies and maintaining packages.
4 years of experience, mainly Symfony 3.
I've contributed to Symfony.
I have experience in writing tests: unit, functional, and E2E. I've used phpspec, PHPUnit and symfony/panther.


Experience automating docker images builds and using docker-compose in CI and dev environment.
GitLab CI
I've automated tasks like checking code quality (PHPStan), testing (including E2E tests in docker environment) and building docker images.


I've worked with Redis and Memcached. I'm used to working on websites with full-page caching using Squid or Cloudflare. I have experience debugging caching issues on production.
I've used messaging services like RabbitMQ and Redis pub/sub.
I've mostly used MySQL (including Aurora).
I'm used to working on websites with load balancing and to debugging problems that occur in such setup.

Open Source

I've contributed to open source projects, including: